End Citizens United Continues To Fight The Use Of Money In Politics

End Citizens United is trying to help Democrats fight a system that has been rigged for a long time. For this purpose, they are endorsing three Democratic candidates for the House, and calling for campaign finance reform. Their ideology is Democratic candidates from all different districts must run with a platform embracing how important a reduction in political funding has become. This is an old stance for End Citizens United, as their name came from the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 that opened the path for super PAC’s. They believe their message has increased in importance due to the moneyed interests currently gripping Washington, and that Democratic Candidates desperately need to find a fresh approach.

As the spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Tyler Law believe the candidates are currently running with a message for bold reform. He feels the recognition of this message is important for all targeted districts. He stated the message covered both ends of the ideological spectrum, as well as all individuals in the middle. All Democrats are being given a message by End Citizens United to remember campaign finance reform. They are using polling showing this may be a factor in the midterm elections for independent voters.

The information obtained through focus groups, and polls reveals messages given proper thought regarding the issue of money in politics are connected to issues referred to as kitchen table. This includes health care, and jobs, and are of extreme importance to voters the Democrats have been losing. According to a new poll in September regarding the House battleground districts, the only issue that ranked before the reduction of special interests in importance is national security. This poll was consistent with End Citizens United’s state, and national polling during the last year. The trust of the voters has been declining because of the money so predominant in politics. The money put into the system by special interest groups has impacted jobs, lowers costs for healthcare, and an increase in wages.

End Citizens United was formed specifically to fight against the ulterior motives prevalent in political funding groups to use money to swing elections. They first acted on March 1st, of 2015, their founding date. End Citizens United is not a big money group, and they progress with grassroots donations. Their name, and commitment focus on ending Citizen’s United, helping the pro-reform candidates achieve election, and keeping the public aware of the issue of the amount of funding being used in politics. After their official launch in August of 2015, End Citizens United has raised $2 million from small donors to support their cause. As the Communications Director for the group, Richard Carbo said the entire cycle of the group is to receive another $25 to $30 million in additional donations.

Read More: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

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