Recent Bride Whitney Wolfe Leads the Way in Social Media Innovation

Whitney Wolfe is definitely someone that people need to look out for. She has become this amazing force in social media that has created the Bumble app that everyone is talking about. The buzz is still getting out there as men even embrace this app where women have to make the first move.

Initially, Whitney Wolfe called Bumble a feminist app, and she made it known that she wanted women to make the first move. This is still her vision, but what she may not have realized is that men would take just as much interest in this app as women. It appears that women are pleased with this type of technology because it allows them to make the first move without waiting on a guy. In fact, they are required to make the first move.

This is exciting and new, and men are very pleased with this. The reason that this is appeasing to men has much to do with the fact that it takes the pressure off of them. A man could have made a match through Bumble does not have to worry about saying something clever first. Even when he matches with a woman that likes him he does not have to engage in conversation first. It is the woman that has to put the effort forth to communicate.

Men are embracing this type of app technology, and right now Whitney Wolfe is the front-runner that was the only one that implemented this type of concept into her app. This is what makes Bumble stand out. This is also the thing that actually makes flock to Bumble. Everyone is not always going to be receptive to the same old type of dating app technology, but Whitney Wolfe was not trying to following the in-crowd. She has her own vision. Bumble stands out and young people like that. People like to go into the unknown.

They like to experience things that they have not experienced before and Whitney Wolfe is providing that with Bumble. Now that she is married she may have even more dating insight. What she also wants to do is challenge her adversaries to step up because she is creating apps like Bumble Bizz that would rival other companies like LinkedIn. This is all part of the strategy that Whitney has to break social media out of the mundane state that it has gone into.

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