Nick Vertucci, the Face of Real Estate Investment

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate entrepreneur. He is also the CEO and founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA. Nick started and launched NVREA in 2013 with the aim of providing a solution to most of the challenges faced in real estate investing.


Nick had a rather tough background, as his father passed on when he was ten years old. But he did not give up. Nick was inspired by his mother who had to work overtime to provide for the family. When he was old enough to work, Nick started selling computer parts. He was self-employed, and he liked it this way because of the level of freedom.


Having to answer to someone may at times prove difficult. Being self-employed, the decisions that Nick made affected his life directly because he had to be accountable for everything he did. He got married during this period.


To replace his primary business, Nick gained an interest in real estate. This, he acquired after he attended a workshop that his friend invited him to. The seminar lasted for three days, and in the period, Nick learned a lot of things. His eyes opened up to the mistakes that he had made in the past, and so he decided to change his approach. But before that, he attended several more workshops and lessons on real estate. His interest had just got elevated.


When he was ready, Nick ventured into real estate business, and this completely changed his life. Currently, he is the CEO of one of the most sought educational programs. Because his life took a turn to success, Nick wanted other individuals to prosper as well.


He has a team of coaches, and an active cooperate group. Nick Vertucci holds seminars where he provides solutions to real estate challenges. Students of NVREA have realized their dreams, and most of them have achieved their goals, thanks to Nick Vertucci’s system which has proved useful and effective.


As a millionaire, Nick wants to make more millionaires from his students. NVREA has transformed many lives, and today it is the face of real estate investment. The past does not define your future. Nick Vertucci believes that this is true because it worked for him. He did not let the conditions that surrounded his past cloud his mission to achieve greatness. Indeed, he has achieved this in plenty and currently, helps many other people do the same.

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