Technology expert Jason Hope Insight on what to expect in future

Jason hope is an entrepreneur, businessman and a lover of technology. Hope graduated with a degree in finance, which has enabled him to analyze Internet of thing technology and advice on the future of technology. Internet of things refers to the ability of devices like cars, kitchen appliances, electric devices to connect with each other and synchronize.

Jason recently said that one of the places where the internet is going to have a significant impact is in campuses. Jason notes that a today’s student carries technology everywhere. Most of the universities apply smart technology known as IoT to monitor the various aspects of the institutions like security to create a better environment. Using IoT campuses can respond to the different needs and create more efficient institute without having to employ more human labor.

At the moment, IoT is for backend work, but in future, it could be put to use as the students and professors are in class to deliver required information or set up required study environment. Smart classrooms are already emerging in most campuses and include several interactive technologies such as digital, whiteboards, connectivity for laptops, video projectors and streaming lectures among others. Using smart classroom, Jason notes that students can navigate new and hard concepts. The future of classroom is moving to the online as student research and access more learning materials from the internet. Some universities are connecting distant students with their peers in other campuses.

According to Jason,Tracking and IoT will help steer the students to paths of easier learning personal styles which can be used to assess how each student is fairing and enable professors to deliver personalized modules to each student as they progress. It’s important that administrators and lecturers embrace the technology as this is the future.

Jason is not only interested in technology, but also donates to make humanity better. Jason ensures that he identifies the best opportunities that can touch people’s lives. Jason is currently giving back to high school and college students to enable them to get into technology. He has also donated to Sens foundation research of rejuvenation biotechnology.

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