Market America Convention 2017 Marks the 25th Anniversary of the Firm

During the Market America Convention 2017, the firm celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it looks to many more years of success in the industry. New exciting ways of building up businesses were discussed during the convention. Some of these include the 360-degree Shopping Annuity which is a more focused process of Shopping Annuity Assessment. This will be organized such that people can store products in their homes with Shop Local added on the last page of the assessment.UnFranchise is also being rebuilt such that each productive page will be fully responsive and function properly on a mobile device. The other changes include IBV and Cashback which have been increased on SHOP COM partner stores.

The convention had many magic moments as the company rekindled memories of how far along it has come. The original mission of Market America has always been the Shopping Annuity, and it has not moved from this. The advice they offer investors is that one only needs to know themselves and take action. They advised those who attended the event to make use of it as a springboard to achieve their dreams and goals. They encouraged people to share what they have learned to foster the belief which has helped many people make money through the UnFranchise.

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