Nathaniel Ru: Re-Inventing Fast Food

As convenience becomes more prevalent in today’s society, fast food chains grow in popularity. Many legacy restaurant companies are switching to fresher and healthier ingredients, but they’re not capitalizing on the potential benefits of converting to organic. As customer awareness about food grows, more people care about where their food is coming from.

That is an important element of customer experience that co-Ceo of Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru cares about. Sweetgreen revolutionized the way people think about chain restaurants. Ru wanted to ensure that every restaurant hit the right notes in modern food chains: healthy, organic, and local. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

While the quality of their ingredients is revolutionizing, it’s their incorporation of technology that’s growing the company. Everyone should see the advantages of customer-interaction with the ever-growing implementation of technology.

Many of Sweetgreen’s orders happen through their website or mobile app. Ru knew to embrace technology from one, ensuring that tech convenience is about of the company’s DNA.

The company is making waves in more ways than one. Its current big-name investors believe in redefining management. Rather than operate in a traditional sense, they make sure that everyone has a chance to work in one of the restaurants, as a way of getting closer to customers. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Ru’s connection to his company comes in the form of a strong friendship with his two other co-founders, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. They all attended the Georgetown University at the same time and shared an entrepreneurship class. Together, they came to realize the importance of deep connections combined with hard work.

At first, they took the same step that every entrepreneur should take: find a problem and create a solution. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

At that time, Georgetown lacked healthy eating options. In response, they created Sweetgreen shortly after graduating. Today, Sweetgreen has nearly 50 locations nationwide.

While there are numerous people involved in Sweetgreen’s success, Nathaniel Ru is the face of the company.

Many interviews include his perspective on the company’s progress and innovative strategies. He’s been the face of the company since the early days. Once the company began growing, it became increasingly obvious that they need to hire more people.

As their team grew, the co-founders found themselves with less work to do. Not wanting to become a corporate fat-cat, Ru committed himself to answering questions and explaining the company’s operations.



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