End Citizens United’s Decade Long Battle With James Bopp

In 2010 the Federal Election Commissions aw one of their most important rulings overturned. We are, of course, talking about the Citizens United decision that the Supreme Court rendered down. Citizens United, a conservative and right wing thinktank, has been engaging in a systematic assault on the very foundations of the United States political system. The goal of Citizens United has always been to upend the regulation that keeps American voting rights in the hands of the people. Their work all comes back to that done by a lawyer named James Bopp.

James Bopp has been in charge of Citizens United since the beginning. He first tried to begin his systematic attack on the integrity of the election back in 2008 with his work on ‘Hillary: The Movie”. This film was a propaganda hit piece created and armed by right wing donors and lobbied at Hillary Clinton who, at the time, was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic nominee. Bopp argued before the FEC that he should be allowed to air the film as a legitimate documentary during the primary debates, despite the fact that it was fueled by propaganda and funded by the RNC. Bopp was rightfully laughed out of court. That would not be the end of the conversation.

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In 2010 Bopp would appear before the Supreme Court and there he would argue that campaign donations were an extension of ‘free speech’ and that corporations were people. It is pretty obvious the angle that Bopp was trying to take with this line of thinking. His goal was to upend campaign finance reform and in that measure, he actually succeeded. The country has been trying to recover ever since.

Aiding the country in attempted recovery is the work of a progressive political action committee named End Citizens United. End Citizens United has a goal as simple as their name: introducing a constitutional amendment in order to revert the Citizens United decision. Leading the PAC in 2017 is Tiffany Muller. Muller has taken up the burden of attending to campaign finance reform in the era of President Trump, a politician who has been as antagonistic toward progressive values as anyone in the history of the United states.

As a political action committee the work of End Citizens United requires grassroots funding and attendance as well as attention from the regular, every day voters of America. Without grassroots help and motivation, End Citizens United cannot be successful. So it was great to see that End Citizens United raised over $4 million within the first quarter of 2017. Their goal throughout the year is to raise a total of $35 million in order to fund a push during the 2018 congressional campaigns.

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