Investment Analysis with SahmAdrangi at the Time of Need

Kerrisdale Capital Management, with SahmAdrangi leading the way, has raised 100 million dollars to short sell the stock on a yet to be released company. This is a new tactic being used by quite an aggressive company ran by quite the pioneering founder. Ferrisdale Capital Management over the past 5 years has reported a 28 percent return on its’ main hedge fund, which bets for and against company stocks.

SahmAdrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management and Mr. Adrangi has been involved in all aspects of the development since its inception in 2009. From 2009 to late 2014 Kerrisdale Capital Management grew their assets form 1 one million dollars to 300 million dollars. Right now the portfolio for Kerrisdale Capital Management sits at over a $100 million dollars in assets with over a one percent increase this quarter

Prior to his development and founding of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. Adrangi worked with credit and equity funds as an investment analyst with Longacre Fund Management. Mr. Adrangi spent time advising for the Chagrin Capital Partners, mainly in the capacity of bankruptcy restructuring, after putting in some time at the Deutsche Bank, in their leveraged finance group.

SahmAdrangi has received his Bachelors in Arts in Economics from Yale University. SahmAdrangi was one of The Hedge Fund Journal’s Tomorrow’s Titans sponsored by EY, one of the Big Four accounting firms. At Yale SahmAdrangi wrote for the campus newspaper, almost took a job with The Wall Street Journal, and was a training journalist at Toronto’s Globe and Mail before taking the employment at Deutsche Bank. Mr. Adrangi made his name betting against what he believed to be fraudulent Chinese companies, making a lot of money when these companies failed. Mr. Adrangi has also made a name for himself to taking an activist approach and publishing research mainly on Chinese companies.

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