Eric Pulier: America’s Unsung Hero

Some people are destined to do great things while others are not. Some people make a name for themselves by entertaining while others don’t. We all are different individuals, and we all have different paths in life. On the other hand, Eric Pulier seems to have it all. The guy has done some amazing things for mankind. His strong passion for technology has helped to create many revolutionary products and services. Pulier has a brilliant mind thanks to the way he views the world. He uses his innovative ideas to reach the mass public. This is a successful game plan, which has garnered him accolades that most people can’t even dream of. Though he’s not a household name, Pulier has made permanent mark on society.

Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. As a child, he always seem to stand out, but for good reasons. Pulier was somehow able to program a computer as a fourth grader. That’s right! His high school years were no difference as he continued Eric Pulier’s creativity. You can probably follow the trend of this article by now because it all has do with technology. Pulier attended college between the years of 1984-1988. Harvard University was his stomping ground as he majored in American/English literature. He also wrote a column named “Pulier Leg.” Of course, it was a hit, but he also was the editor of the Harvard Crimson, which is the school’s daily newspaper. Pulier ended up graduating magna cum laude, and by 1991, he would begin his life out west.

Los Angeles was the next stop and Pulier got into the game early by starting People Doing Things. This company used innovative technology to solve the issues in the education and healthcare fields. Another one of his extraordinary endeavors included Starbright World. This was a private type of social media platform that connected thousands of chronically ill kids. They now had a way of communicating with each other, which was great for sharing perspectives. This only scratches the surface of what this man has done, but stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

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