New Stores Open as Online Crowd for Fabletics Become Saturated

Fabletics is a powerful brand, and more people are finding out about this brand everyday. Kate Hudson has managed to become a leader in the retail clothing industry, and it is obvious that she is looking for an even greater chance to step out as the front-runner for comfortable clothing for working out.


Women are definitely embracing the clothing line that Kate Hudson is bringing to stores across America because they are showing their love through their patronage through the website. This website has become such a powerhouse that it has prompted Kate to expand the brand to physical stores. This is a rare thing because in many instances companies will close stores because there is a slowdown in sales.


There will be more people gravitating to the website so stores will close in order for companies to cut losses in order to start gaining profits again. In the case with Fabletics things are reversed. The website has been utilized by millions of people in America, Canada and Australia. Kate Hudson started this website along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler close to 10 years ago. In this time frame many customers have become loyal fans of the brand, but Kate realized that this brand had become heavily saturated with an online audience.


Fabletics is definitely a brand that is giving people an option that they did not have before. In the past many of the athletic clothing companies were offering clothing to women that did not necessarily look stylish. In many cases clothing that was designed for women to work out in was not much different than the clothing that had been designated for workouts for men. Kate Hudson would add her own flamboyance to the Fabletics brand.


Hudson would be in the business of making the workout process of stylish one. Everyone may not have seen the vision that she had early on, but it is evident that people are seeing it for what it is worth now. There are even people that are looking forward to the new stores that are opening within the next five years. This will cater to the offline crowd that may have never got around to embracing the concept of online shopping.


Kate knows that there are customers out there than may be interested in workout clothes that may have never taken the time to go to her website. This is why she knows that there is a whole new audience beyond the market that has been saturated with the online crowd. She knows that there is something else that she can gain from consumers that are willing to go to a store and still try clothes on. She recognizes that people that are interested in trying on clothes will be much more likely to buy their clothes right away. People that shop online, by contrast, may browse for hours without actually utilizing your electronic shopping cart to check out. This is why Kate Hudson wants to get more physical stores opened.

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