Getting Your Child Excited About School

Does your child love monsters? ClassDojo is a communication app you can use on your smartphone to let them become one. Each classroom gets there own friendly monster avatars to create. Teachers can use this app along with parents to share their childs learning and conduct at school. When your child is caught behaving well they receive points for things such as:teamwork,being creative or working hard. These reward points can be used for various things. Possible rewards can include extra recess, stickers, or just being recognized. Parents can even message the teacher directly through ClassDojo. This makes parents feel comfortable knowing that the teachers received their messages. Unlike leaving a message with the front office where it may or may not get to the teacher. To keep parents involved in the classroom the app automatically sends reminders to check emails of their childrens reports for the week. This helps parents because sometimes children can lose or misplace such papers throughout the day. Instead of sending a “Good Job” note home teachers are able to take pictures or video of your childs great day. This helps boost your childs energy seeing themselves interacting with others. Sometimes trying to ask “How was your day today?” is a hard one. With ClassDojo parents can see and read all the information directly from their teacher. This helps in knowing what exactly what to discuss with your child that day. So get ready for a great school year with this innovative app that encourages fun in learning. Parents everywhere are excited to connect with schools and there teachers.


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