Protect and Treat Your Lips With EOS

Do you plan to be active this summer? And by active, I mean things like paddle boarding, visiting a local beach, taking the canoe out, or just simply lounging in your backyard on a gorgeous Adirondack chair and soaking in some of the sun? If so, let’s make sure your checklist is complete to protect yourself from the summer sun and the high temperatures or humidity that can accompany it.

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First, I’m sure you have sunblock to protect your gorgeous skin, right? Of course you do? But how about the most delicate skin on your face that you often never think about: your lips! Many of us don’t think twice about our lips before a hot day in the sun. However, damage that happens to your lips can become most prominent and be the most difficult to heal over time.

EOS, the famous lip balm company that is carried in the purses of most major celebrities today, understands this and therefore extended their line of offerings to beat the summer heat. The company began as a startup and attempted to infiltrate a market that was already heavily saturated: lip balm. With their unique design and blogger influence, EOS became a staple in most every girl’s bag by 2014.

EOS’s new line of Active Protection Smooth Spheres offers not only SPF to beat the summer heat and protect your lips but delicious new flavors, shop now! The grapefruit EOS has 30 SPF to keep your lips soft and protected along with the fruit scent designed to energize you. The Lemon Twist EOS comes in an absolutely vibrant yellow container and offers a milder SPF of 15 to ensure you are protected, while brightening up your day with a zing only that lemon burst can provide.

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