The “Coolest” EOS Flavors to Try this Summer

Summertime is upon us. That means two very different things. First, it means: beaches, tans, curly wavy hair, relaxed outfits as you brunch with girlfriends… basically the first part is all the wonderful things about summer. Second, it means: dried hair strands from salt water or chlorine, dried feet or hands from the same and most importantly, dried and chapped lips. Try also checking this site for more articles,

EOS is a brand we all know and love. Whether your last sphere may have gotten lost in the depths of a deep, deep purse, or borrowed by a girlfriend who never returned it, now is the time to jump back on the ever popular EOS bandwagon and restock your supply.

EOS was born and bred as a disruptive company. EOS made gorgeous little spheres that twisted and clicked so perfectly that it delighted all five senses and they did this in a time when typical lip balm came out of a medicine like tube that either tasted like pure medicine or was washed over with a “cherry” flavor that to me always tasted like…umm…medicine awash with an overwhelming cherry flavor.

So as the summer heat continues to bare down upon us, here are the coolest flavors of EOS to keep your lips in check.

First, try the Sweet Mint. It comes in a deliciously cool, light blue container that just makes you want to relax even before you open in. The combination is exactly what is described: it is minty, but not as your average gum overpowers you. The “Sweet” adds a soft touch of milky sweetness that perfectly events out the mint. See products here

Next, try the Passion Fruit. It comes in a soft purple container and it is somehow at the same time rich and almost wine-like in the passion part of the fruit, while also tasting somewhat exotic when the fruit comes into play.

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