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Screening is becoming a daily dose when it comes to health matters. Day by day people are being sensitized on the importance of screening. What most people don’t realize is that apart from diagnosis, screening can be used as a prevention tool for chronic ailments. Some chronic diseases can be easily prevented while others can’t, and that’s where screening comes into the picture, as one can be checked for diseases that they might be having and once identified, it’s easier to treat them in their early stages. We have a variety of companies that offer screening health care services but none that has attained the same level of expertise, confidence, experience, and professionalism that Life Line Screening has.

Life Line Screening is well known leading provider of screening services. LLS headed by Dr. Andrew Manganaro provides community-based screenings that are conducted by highly trained, licensed and experienced staff. These screenings may take place in places of worship, community centers, senior centers and in neighborhoods all over the United States of America.

The screening services that are provided include;

I. Heart Disease Screening
II. Congestive heart failure Screening
III. Carotid Heart Failure Screening
IV. Type 2 Diabetes Screening
V. Thyroid Disease Screening
VI. High Blood Pressure
VII. Prostate Cancer Screening
VIII. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Screening
IX. High Cholesterol Screening
X. Elevated Liver Enzymes Screening

This being but a few of the vast services offered. The preventive screenings done are safe, quick, non-invasive and painless. These preventive screenings are done using the same equipment used in hospitals and are done by highly trained technicians screenings, the results are read by board-certified physicians. The outcome of which you and your doctor a better view and understanding of what you are having so that treatment, if necessary can begin and lifestyle changes can be made before any serious problems occur.

With over twenty years experience and nearly eight million patients, Life Line Screening has attained the status of being the leading screening service provider. Therefore there’s no doubt as to which company to choose when it comes to screening services that are safe, quick, non-invasive and affordable other than Life Line Screening.

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