Early Detection Early Prevention by Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the chief medical officer at life line screening. He graduated his master’s degree from the University of New York. This same city was his birthplace since he was born in Brooklyn. He was in the school of medicine and received honors in more than one field. He completed his general surgery residency and senior residency at this same university. He was involved in cardiovascular surgery research at the UCLA University for a couple of years. He had over three decades’’ experience in cardiac vascular and thoracic surgery before retirement after which he the head medical officer at life line screening. This position he still holds to date.

During his 35 years private practice, he realized that most of his patients suffered and sometimes died from conditions they would have prevented they realized earlier. Most of this cases that had a very high chance of prevention immediately they were detected mostly rupture in the lower aortic aneurysms or catastrophic strokes related to carotids. That’s when he felt that life line screening offered a very high chance of fighting the above problems. It was the better option.

His daily work experiences are very similar to CEO of a 24/7 firm the only difference is that he oversees patients are assured and that the medical operators and continual research in related fields to keep this medical idea evolving. All these activities require him to be patient, hard-working and cooperative in the entire team. For Mr. Manganaro, nothing is too bad to be remembered but enough to be learned. It’s used for assessing and to be evaluated until something is learned from it.

As most medical institutions always recommend LLS, REQUIRES PEOPLE AND PATIENTS to observe a very healthy diet and after diagnosis, the patient is required to follow his diet as advised by the physician.

In a world were basic necessity are hard to come along, and insurances are needed in almost everything one requires, LLS is the perfect way out of a lifetime medical burden. If one can avoid an illness as well as minimize excessive use of this scarce money, why not try LLS?

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