Arthur Becker Hits Big in Real Estate World

Arthur Becker is a diamond among a sea of costume jewelry. Becker is, of course, a world renowned investor and entrepreneur who have found success in so many different industries that it is almost difficult to keep count. He’s well known for his work as a real estate investor at Madison Partners and his high profile marriage to Vera Wang, and subsequent investment into Vera Wang Fashion, is also the thing of front page media. Becker’s success can seem almost mythical but it definitely is not. Instead, his success is the product of decades of hard work.

It all started back when Arthur Becker was working as a Bear Stearns broker buying and selling tech companies. Becker would strike it rich here and score his first fortune in the early years of the 2000s. Becker is never one to sit idly by even when he’s found his way to success so it was a surprise to absolutely nobody when he went to Miami and New York and immediately started working toward investing in real estate. The real estate market after 2008 was famously improved and Becker wanted to get his slice of the pie. So Becker landed in New York and immediately started working with some of the top developers in the nation — Kevin Malone, Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern. For more info visit Inspirery.

Working with the top developers in New York allowed Becker to establish himself as a developer of repute. Becker would solidify himself as a quiet backer, bringing money to a project while allowing others to take the more high profile coverage. Before long Becker was at Madison Partners where he now works as the Managing Partner at the company. Becker’s focused on two key developments, one in Soho and the other in Tribecca, while he continues to grow in other areas of investing as well.

Arthur Becker has invested in just about everything under the sun. He invested in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, which he would sell to a famous cookie company. He’s invested in art, foreign currency, and even start up tech companies. Becker’s keys, it would seem, is to succeed simply by making yourself available to good ideas as they come along.

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