Talk Fusion Treads New Ground of Progress with Video Chat App

Talk Fusion saw amazing returns in 2016 as they further established themselves as one of the top video marketing solution companies on the internet. Now, despite what you may think — this is a booming industry where only the best of the best, and the most innovative, are able to stick ahead of the pack. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by founder and current CEO Bob Reina and we can safely say that the team is continuing to put together an inspiring run — most recently highlighted by a prestigious industry award: Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award.


Talk Fusion received their prestigious 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award thanks to their work on the Video Chat application. Video Chat is as simple as it sounds, but what makes it special is just how innovative and effective the product actually is. The primary perk of the Video Chat application is that it uses WebRTC technology in order to create an interface that is smooth, fluid, and effective. Using the Video Chat application, which is available for download on both Itunes and the Google Play Store, you can connect directly to anyone, anywhere, in the world — regardless of the platform that they are using. So if you have an iPhone and your partner has an Android device, you can still connect face to face.


Innovation is the name of the game and we can’t stress that enough. Talk Fusion has been innovative ever since their CEO Bob Reina got involved with the company over a decade ago. Bob Reina proudly stated in response to their recent award, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future.” Reina went on to say, “They’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, and that’s what Talk Fusion is all about.” With these recent successes can we really argue with that?


Talk Fusion was one of a small group of companies to receive this award from the team at Technology Marketing Corporation. Technology Marketing Corporation is run by CEO Rich Tehrani who called the winners, “True leaders within their industries.”

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