Headquartered in Dallas, Texas

Nexbank is a Dallas, Texas headquartered financial services company that serves its clients with commercial, mortgage and investment banking. It’s a regional bank with a BBB+ in its deposit and senior unsecured debt rating and a net income of 38.1 million. Nexbank’s assets exceeded 3.5 billion in 2016.


As of the fall of 2016, Nexbank had successfully raised another 24 million in common equity capital. The bank’s goals are to use these funds for general corporate expansion. With the assets, the bank will continue to take advantage of growth and development opportunities. It has already upgraded their ratings in both deposit and senior unsecured debt and its unsecured debt rating from BBB- to BBB.


Nexbank’s total assets increased 61% in 2016 to $3.5 billion with its total deposits reaching $2.6 billion. The bank reported gross loans of around of $2.5 billion, which equaled 72% of Nexbank’s total assets. Its total risk-based capital was at 12.98% giving them a Tier one leverage ratio of 9.44%. This keeps the bank in a good position. When capital represents common stock, retained earnings and equity-like non-redeemable preferred shares, the ratio being calculated by comparing the ratio of bank assets to capital, a leverage ratio of one is very good. All banks desperately try to keep that ratio above three.


Nexbank serves many large institutional clients. With the appointing of Mary Pirrello the Nexbank’s Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending to President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association in 2016. She will further the goals of the association by preserving, enhancing and advancing the real estate financing and mortgage business in Texas.


Her appointment further establishes Nexbank as a revered member of the capital finance community. With its banking charter dating back to 1922, Nexbank has weathered many downturns in the economy including the most recent downturn of 2008 to resurface even more successful than before the recession. It’s clear from its survival and its thriving that this bank is managed for growth.

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