The Quest to Find my EOS Everyday Lip Balm

I am a recent convert to EOS’ lip balms and now swear by the brand. After a couple of allergic outbreaks due to the harmful chemicals in many competing lip balms, I truly appreciate the all-natural and organic composition of EOS’ lip balm.

Besides my lip sensitivity, I also am a bit picky when it comes to flavorings of all things, not just lip balms. It takes me a long time to find products that I like but once I do I am very loyal to them. Specifically, I hate products that taste, smell, or feel artificial which is why I really appreciate EOS’ commitment to natural ingredients sourced from high quality ingredients. I read the labels of products I use, including my lip balm, and check for artificial ingredients and came away impressed at the ingredients in EOS’ balm.

There are so many different flavors out there and many of them sound really yummy so I started by buying three that I thought I would be interested in and from there. I started with vanilla mint, pomegranate raspberry, and blueberry acai. The vanilla mint didn’t taste fake like many mint flavored lip balms and I would certainly use it in a pinch, but it wasn’t my favorite lip balm. Rather it is a flavor I would like applying in the mornings when I am in need of a perk me up.   Useful link here on

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Blueberry acai and pomegranate raspberry were more my cup of tea, and I enjoyed both flavors. They were subtle and not overpowering, but very flavorful and reminiscent of fresh raspberries and blueberries in my garden. While I enjoyed both, my heart was truly for the blueberry acai EOS lip balm as it had a more nuanced and deep flavor than anything I previously tried before in a lip balm. It was an truly incredibly experience and my new favorite lip balm. More on

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