Wengie Shows You How To Whiten Your Teeth With Charcoal Tablets

After Wengie had her teeth professionally whitened, the next time she needed to whiten her teeth she decided to try a home kit. This teeth whitening method contains  charcoal tablets that are spposed to be grinded up and applied to the teeth. They are expected to whiten teeth in 10 minutes. These charcoal tablets that are supposed to whiten the teeth, are also good for stomach gas.


The charcoal tablets come in a plastic bottle like vitamins and aspirin do. Wengie put four tablets in a large stone bowl and grinded the tablets up with a metal pestle set. Once it was in a powder form, Wengie put her fingers in the bowl and smeared some on her teeth. She got some of the substance on her lips; it was so messy. Wengie got silly and used the pestle to apply more charcoal to her lips as though it were a lipstick. She discovered that only two tablets are needed to whiten teeth. After 10 minutes, remove the charcoal by brushing your teeth with the toothpaste of your choice. The whole bottle of 60 tablets cost $12.00. It whitened her teeth a little but not as well as a professional whitening session. Although Wengie gives the charcoal tablets a seven for being messy, she recommends people try this first before getting their teeth professionally whitened. Wengie believes the coal tablets are better than using a whitening toothpaste. When you use the coal tablets, wear black clothing and cover the floor.

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