Hottest EOS Balm Flavors

If you have always been into EOS lip balms, you will be surprised to see how many new flavors and colors that are on the market. These super nourishing balms are a great and stylish way to keep your lips looking smooth and hydrated. The packaging on these lip balms is super cute and it is easy to throw it in any hand bag. Some new flavors include vanilla mint, summer fruit, and sweet mint. Products’details available at

This means that there is a flavor for any feeling! Whether you need a little pick me up from the sweet mint flavor, or you are wishing it was summer with the summer fruit, there is always the perfect flavor. And with such cute packaging, it is hard to resist these little gems. The best part about EOS lip balms is that they really work. They won’t dry out your lips like some other big name lip balms. They are super hydrating and will keep your lips looking soft all day long. Their super nourishing range is always growing, so keep on the look out for new flavors all year long.

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Even if you think you found your holy grail EOS flavor, there are always new ones to try! The new Spring Lip Balm Duo is too cute, and would make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. With summer coming up, you might want to try the strawberry sorbet or honeysuckle honeydew flavors, try clicking for additional details. These are a great little refreshing touch on those hot summer days. And don’t forget about their Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres for when your lips are feeling extra parched. No matter which flavor is your favorite, everyone can agree that these lip balms are amazing and that they are always there for you! Try out one of the new flavors today!  Follow EOS at their page.

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