The impact of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer on the RBS group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is popularly known as Duda Melzer. He is the chief Executive officer of RBS Group. Before getting the promotion, Duda was the assistant executive president of the same company. The event of his sworn in took place at Porto Alegre. Duda got this promotion because the former president of RBS group said that he was comfortable with Duda taking over as the Chief Executive officer. The former [president of this company is the uncle to Duda Melza.

RBS Group Company is normally interested in the active management of its affairs. This is something that makes Duda happy all the time. He gets more passion of directing his fellow workers. When he was the assistant president, he learned about the common ideas for ten years. These years have given him the experience he needed.

Duda Melza’s mission for the company

In an article on Dino, Duda Melza is coming up with a business project that is sustainable and will corporate three pillars of any successful business. These pillars are:



Business education

Apart from his mission, Duda will also serve on the board of directors as with the company’s editorial committee. The impact of RBS Group makes Duda Melza happy because it has raised the economy of Brazil at large.

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