Serial Entrepreneur Invests in Island Paradise

Often known as a “Serial Entrepreneur” for his money-making, expansionist mindset, Christopher Burch has made his presence felt in several different industries for over four decades now. Involved in everything from fashion to real estate, Burch combined his cunning intuition with his knowledge of consumer trends to continually push the boundaries of whatever field he is currently involved in.

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Starting in 1976 while he was still in college with a mere $2000 investment, his first company, Eagle’s Eye apparel, grew to be worth nearly $200 million by the time he and his partner decided to sell. and that wasn’t the end for Burch, who would continue to push boundaries everywhere he went.  More articles on

After getting his start in fashion and moving on to several other fields over the past few decades, Burch has recently opened what many consider to be the best resort in the entire world. Buying a hotel and spending $30 million on renovations with his partner on this particular venture, James McBride, the pair are already making waves in the hotel industry after being opened a mere 2 years.

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Nihiwatu, as the resort would come to be called, quickly garnered rave reviews and a five-star rating to match. In only a year, the resort was voted best in the world. Going into the project thinking about his children and the conservation of the area, he had his heart set on giving back to the world with Nihiwatu- something that he undeniably accomplished, given the reaction the resort has had. What Christopher Burch has created with Nihiwatu is an island paradise in every sense. A beautiful, serene place far removed from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living, where one can focus on really living. That is what Burch has brought the world with Nihiwatu, and it truly will stand as testament to all the things that he has been able to accomplish.  Follow this link.

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