Thor Halvorssen Fights For Open Societies

The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation has been fight to protect the rights of people around the world for years. At the helm of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. Known for his insistence on doing everything he can to help expose the abuse scandals prevalent throughout oppressed countries, he’s courted plenty of danger and intrigue. There are some who want to see the Human Rights Foundation fail to live up to its goals and for the dictators of the world to continue their reign. Thanks to Halvorssen this is going to become a thing of the past. A new era of open societies is on the horizon.

Documenting The Tragic Reality

The reality faced by people living under oppression is unpleasant and rarely discussed in the West. Halvorssen tries to change this by doing everything he can to help expose what happens to the 35% of humans who live under a dictator. He does so by finding the right court cases and the right stories to bring to light. One dya, he might focus on Vietnam and the oppression of Buddhists. In another case, he may deem it necessary to discuss political prisoners placed under a arrest. His ability to handle a variety of possible stories has given him strength.

What Motivates Him To Do It

Thor Halvorssen isn’t motivated by a desire to make himself rich or bring fame to himself. He wants to make sure that people do not experience what has happened in his own family. He has seen family members killed and arrested for speaking out against dictators. Anything he can to stop that is good to him.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is an activist with a strong focus on human rights. As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation he has done more to support people looking to advance human rights than anybody else. His efforts to make the world around him a better place has not always been met with support, but he continues to do everything he can to improve the lives of others.

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