The Amazing Story of Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike is a 39-year-old who spent some good amount of time in the Swiss private banking industry. Mike rose through the ranks to the top. He is an executive board member of the largest Swiss private banks. Mikes love for banking and finance began in his early days as a teenager. He grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mike pursued his passion later on and made a career out of it. Mike holds MBA from Rochester University and an executive MBA from Bern University.


It is in 2014 after he turned 39 that his entrepreneurial journey began. Mike and his two partners founded Swiss Startup Factory a privately owned and independently financed startup. Swiss Startup Factory is one of the largest privately funded ICT startup and the first of its kind in the country. They started it to mentor young digital innovators. The company gives young innovators exciting opportunities and helps them get sponsors. The company has excellent network of investors from around the world, which makes it possible. They are non-biased, and their goal is to educate young leaders from all over the world.


Mike spends much of his time investing in the youth entrepreneurship and Swiss youth support events in various startups in the country. He is a financial mentor, and his company provides coaching, mentoring, and service opportunities and office space in Zurich. Networking is one of the greatest skill to ensure young entrepreneur are lucky and Mike offers exactly that. Mikes actively connections in his region and worldwide makes this possible. His passion in accounting and finance and vast experience in the field enabled him to achieve almost everything he ever wanted.


The Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program


It is a chance that digital tech startups get to go through structured accelerated programs. The reason for this is to create a thriving mentality that competes on the global market. It is a three-month accelerator program where the startups are tested to make sure they develop an excellent idea that can sell to potential sponsors. The program is fit for ambitious young innovators willing to be successful globally. During the three-month period, the program helps and pushes to make their ideas stand out through the lean canvas methodology.


Those investors who wish to get more information about Swiss Startup Factory can always contact their offices. Mike and co are always open to consultation, experience exchange, and financing.

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