EOS Flavors You May Not Know About

The EOS lip balm line is actually pretty long. While most stores we get it from may have a few of the flavors, there are so many more. We want to talk to you about the ones we haven’t seen very often. All of these items can be found on EOS website for purchase. Let’s go through this interesting flavors…


Fresh Grapefruit with SPF-

Fresh grapefruit reminds us of what retired Gap Scent So Pink would’ve tasted like, if it didn’t taste like body spray. It has a wonderful smell and taste, while protecting the skin from further damage. The sun can cause skin damage and our lips are much more sensitive than many parts of the body. This means we should be considerate of taking care of them with high quality products such as this.


Vanilla Mint-

This flavor combination is awesome. It has the best elements of both vanilla and mint. We love using it, because it isn’t super overwhelming. When we want to smooth our lips and make them kissable, this is our go-to. Much like all of their line, this is easily obtainable on their website.


Coconut Milk-

Coconut has long been known for its restorative properties. The taste of this product is as wonderful as you would expect. Much like the rest of their products, it isn’t overwhelming. So, anyone with scent sensitivities will benefit a great deal from this. Just the smell alone is comforting, imagine how wonderful it is for your lips! Try some today!  Check this.


Blackberry Nectar-

We haven’t been able to find something this delicious from any other brand. It isn’t a common flavor, which adds to the appeal on our end. Think about how delicious blackberries are. We enjoy all types of goodies with that flavor and smell, why not put it on our lips?     For added info about the Product,  try clicking walmart.ca

Head straight to https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html

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