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George Soros: Transforming Global Politics Through Philanthropy

About George George Soros is an American billionaire, ranked #23 in Forbes’ Magazine 2016 world billionaire list. His net worth is approximated to me at $25.2 billion as of February 2017. He boasts of a Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. After graduating, Soros worked at a local brokerage firm as an international […]

A New Way to Fight Cancer

People go into business for many reasons. The main reasons tend to be because they want to make a profit, or they want to make a difference. Some people want to do both. One of the people who was able to accomplish both was Eric Lefkofksy. He became a skilled businessman and with his current […]

Arthur Becker: Consummate Investor

Arthur Becker’s impressive career demonstrates how a determined person with a passion for business can learn the techniques of investing, and do very well. In fact, his strategy of investing is catching the eye of other investors who watch his deliberate actions closely to learn how to duplicate his success. One of the hallmarks of […]

How Highland Capital is Changing the Face of Investment

If you follow investment news, you must have heard about Highland Capital. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm which operates under various affiliates. When combined, the business itself has over $15 billion assets under its management. The firm is one of the largest credit managerss with a global reach and a wealth of experience. […]

The Importance Of Jason Hope In Technology And Biotechnology

Technology and Biotechnology might seem to be the same thing to most people, but even though the names are fairly relatable, they’re completely different. The technology field focuses more on devices or equipment that makes our lives a bit more easier and entertained while biotechnology focuses more on the advancements in medicines that treat or […]

Christanna Bevin Master of Project Management

In today’s business world, Christanna Bevin has made a name as a prolific project manager. She has shown the skill to develop business relationships and her ability to assist businesses generate extra income.   Bevin is a success as a business manager mostly because of her ability to delegate responsibility as well as assign various […]

EOS Lip Balm: Why Is It So Different?

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, is a radically different lip balm brand than the thousands of lip balms on the market. To explain why, it’s important to know why women wear lip balm. They either have very dry lips and need the moisture, like the feeling of the product on their lips or add […]

james dondero

Highland Capital Management was co-founded by its President, James Dondero. James is a man an extraordinary talent. He’s had an incredible career over the last three decades. He knows more about the credit and equity markets than anyone else in Texas. Highland Capital is James’s greatest success. It’s the company he used to pioneer the […]

How Securus Technologies Bridges the gap Between the Public and Private Security Agencies

The private security firms and the law enforcement agencies do not always maintain good relationships. However, the law enforcement officials need the help of the private security firms if they want to cut the red tape and get things done. Most law enforcement agencies have to maneuver through the bureaucratic procedures while undertaking the investigations […]