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Securus: The Best Company You Haven’t Heard Of

Securus Technologies is caught in this weird little bubble. They are a telecommunications company that services the criminal justice system. Specifically, they provide telecommunications services to jails and prisons in almost every state of the country. View:   You have to understand something about our criminal justice system — everything works on exclusive government […]

Wen by Chaz: Luxury Hair Care

For those that haven’t found much look in their everyday hair care items or those looking to simply try something new, Wen hair by Chaz is a great alternative. The healthy hair care brand is one of the top selling names among salons and hair care centers. WEN Hair products are packed with non harmful […]

Why Cleansing Conditioners Will Benefit YOU!

The use of a cleansing conditioner in your hair could be very beneficial. Sometimes, the use of shampoo in your hair can be more harmful than good. The ingredients in many shampoos are very damaging to your hair, which will affect it long term. Sulfate is one of the huge ingredients in shampoos that many […]

How Lovaganza is Promoting Peaceful Existence Across the Globe

Lovaganza has been on a mission to showcase different cultures to audiences across the world. The organization mostly does this through dance, cinema, and music. Its mission is to promote peaceful coexistence, cultural knowledge, and inspiration. This enables audiences to discover the uniqueness that exists in human cultures. Lovaganza is currently organizing Lovaganza 2020, a […]

Kabbalah Center’s Effort to Spread Kabbalistic Teachings Worldwide

The Kabbalah is considered as an ancient foundation of knowledge. This is because it focuses on how life on earth is related to the entire universe. The word “Kabbalah” is a derivative of the Hebrew language and it means, “To receive.” Kabbalah students grow spiritually as they learn the Kabbalistic teachings. Most people lack spiritual […]

Is Wen By Chaz For You?

The hair care product, Wen by Chaz is one that many women are trying, and finding a lot of success when they use it as directed. They like the results that they are able to get in a short time with their hair. When they use the product, they find that their hair looks and […]

The Incredible Hair System Of Wen By Chaz

Chaz Dean, the founder of Wen Hair Care discovered he has an amazing passion for hair, because of his photography. While taking numerous courses in photography, the courses triggered him to try his hand at cosmetology school. This was when he started his career in both the cutting and coloring of hair. The line of […]