October, 2016 Archive

Dick DeVos Brings Phil Dolci From Crossman Corporation To Be Company CEO

Dick DeVos has partnered with many individuals over the years who share the goals and passions of excellent business and strong customer service, and the latest person he’s brought to The Windquest Group is no different. DeVos has hired Phil Dolci to be the CEO of The Windquest Group’s Stowe Company, a branch of the […]

Brian Torchin- President of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin works for HCRC Staffing and is currently serving as president of the company. Mr. Torchin has spent numerous years managing as well as staffing many medical offices in various states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Brian Torchin and his company offer career consultation and search services for employment seekers who are looking […]

Don’t Think You Need Professional Office Cleaning? Make Work a Better Place with Handy App-Based Cleaning Service

When you really think about it, you spend a lot of time working even if you only have a part time job. It’s something you have to do. In fact, many experts have found that low employee morale can lead to less profit for your company. Employees are less productive, Turnover is increased, and Employees […]

Giving Back with Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a distinguished philanthropist, trader as well as political supporter. Before founding Chopper Trading, Raj had gained a full spectrum experience in the stock exchange venture. His debut was in 1991 when he started working at Chicago Board of Trade and later managed to become a full member in 1997. He served the […]

Reputation Management Fixers Saving Business Profits and Personal Reputations

The social media world we inhabit today is a young world. Facebook has become a predominant connecting force but did not start until 2004. Now we are all connected to Facebook and a myriad of other networking apps and services. The use of “smart” cell phones has added to the flexibility of social media. And […]

You Should Consider Betting on Football

Do you enjoy watching football on a regular basis? You are certainly not alone if you answered yes to this question. However, there is something that you can do to make football games even more exciting than they already are. You can start to bet money on all of your favorite football teams. You have […]

The Life And Times Of George Soros

With a net worth exceeding $20 billion George Soros has certainly proved himself to be an amazing business leader and an absolute giant in the world of international investments. He has been so wise in decision making that Soros even makes a profit during economic crises. He hasn’t allow this wealth to go to waste […]