September, 2016 Archive

Doe Deere’s Coloring Book

To discover the excitement and joy in the personality of Doe Deere, a leading female entrepreneur, is to feel a sharp, invigorating breeze that brings a smile, welcoming such passion and creativity. Doe Deere is a young lady, born in Russia but growing up in New York City, who responded to color as a young […]

Using Reputation Management to Define Your Company’s Purpose

In an outstanding article originally published on CMS Wire, author Allan Hall says that one reason to work with a reliable reputation management firm is that they can help you develop your company’s purpose. According to, most corporate managers have taken classes where they have been taught that a corporation needs to develop their […]

Brian Torchin Wants To Be Sure That All His Clients Are Able To Get Good Jobs

Brian Torchin is an industry professional who actually works to get people the medical jobs that they need. He is a brilliant man who has worked to figure out what gets someone the best job, and he also wants to be sure that he has done the work to help their jobs faster. According to […]

Thor Halvorssen In a World of Tyrants And Intimidation

There are a lot of tyrants that are not only ruling their country, they are looking for ways to rule the whole world. However, they are not going to be able to because there are plenty of people that are standing against the tyrants. Often times, the tyrants may have a lot of weapons, but […]

Maintain Your Good Reputation

What people say about your business can have a significant impact on how well you succeed. That includes positive or negative press from customer reviews and social network postings. Naturally, customers that have a negative opinion about your product or services should be consulted and the proper step of crisis communication should be taken so […]

Madison Street Capital Pioneering the M & A Industry

This year marks the 15th annual M&A awards and Madison Street Capital happens to be listed as one of the finalists. This is following a nomination in the Industrial Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year categories. It is no surprise that Madison Street Capital was nominated for this award […]

Dick DeVos Breaks Into the Liquor Business

Dick DeVos, owner of Windquest Group has finally decided to purchase Coppercraft Distillery through his own grand rapid-based company. The purchase of this company will be an amazing and great source of profit for Windquest business. This enterprise already includes Reserve Foods and Wine, Boxed Water, Neurocare and The Stow Company. This is a great […]

Beautiful Hair Is Coming Easier With Wen By Chaz Dean

Renowned celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean and his team are the creators of the Wen hair care line. Having been released for quite a while, WEN hair has managed to earn a lot of feedback from customers. There are many positive reviews and statements regarding the Wen cleansing conditioner line, which is why Emily McClure decided […]

Adam Goldenberg: An Unlikely King Of Trendy Fashions

Adam Goldenberg and his longtime business associate, Don Ressler, hit it big with JustFab and Fabletics brands, clothing companies selling the latest styles to VIP Members at discounted prices. While they had success in brand-building with subscription-based health and beauty aid products in the past, JustFab is a “unicorn,” a coveted label given to private […]

Seattle Genetics Wants To Come Out With More Medications

Seattle Genetics is a company that was started by Clay Siegall so that it could release and market all the medications that he has created using his antibody therapies, and he wants to get outside the first two drugs that they have already released. The company has done almost $100 million in sales on their […]