How Much Change Many Jose Manuel Gonzalez Bring To Venezuelan Government?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is but one man in an assembly in the Venezuelan state of Guarico, and he has ensured that his government will not go the way of career politicians. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to see the region change with help from normal people such as himself, and this article explains why a regular man in government can make a difference. Everyone who wants to see a better Venezuela must act as Jose has.

#1: He Contributes On The Local Level

Jose is not the president of Venezuela, and he is not the governor of his state. He sits on an assembly with several other people who want to make the country better, and they are starting with their small state of Guarico. The state itself is in the throes of a terrible financial situation, and they may bring commerce back to the region with aid of business people such as Jose.

#2: How Will Business Return?

Business and jobs will return to Guarico with a coordinated effort that includes citizens such as Jose. He has a business that may hire new workers if business were to expand, and others may do the same. It is quite difficult for the region to recover unless men such as Jose have more successful businesses.

#3: Will Venezuela Recover?

The country cannot be changed overnight, and there are serious governmental issues to address. Jose may not address those issues on a national stage, but he will certainly address as many issues as possible with his fellow assemblymen. Everyone who is actively-participating in the government of Venezuela will see the slow change occur over the course of several years.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a fine example of a man who is sacrificing his time for his country. He has joined the local assembly hoping to make a difference where he can.

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