Malini Saba Success, Motivation to Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I have learned that the greatest secret to success believes in you. In as much as you have a good idea, you will only experience the fruits of the idea, or rather the success of the notion upon implementing it and ripping the benefits. To take the step to begin takes a lot of confidence; believe in yourself and your idea to make it work. Not allowing anything hinder you from that which you long to achieve is a significant step. One may have a lot of people encouraging them to pursue their idea, but failure to believe in one crumbles the whole idea.

Take the chair of Saban, Malini Saba, for example; she has risen to be the world’s top investor and philanthropist of Asian origin. From just a humble beginning, but always trusting her guts, led her to be greatest leaders of a lifetime and investor in some of the world’s most significant ventures. Such as the oil and gas in China, real estate in Australia and China, and technology companies in the US. Her passion for helping others also lead her to start, Stree; Global investment in women; a non-profit making organization inaugurated by the US president Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. The movement provides means for women to access healthcare, legal empowerment and also a means of encouragement for all women. The foundation aims at proving that from whatever level they are at; they can be better. It is achieved through uniting women from all over the world.

Her success points being: trusting her instincts and not allowing anything to pull her down despite whatever force is applied. Be it the corruption of the countries she intends to invest in or law suites pinned on her, she shakes them off and emerges a victor; leaving a better ground for those who will trend through it. The greatest strength is the ability to interpret market trends and then taking the paths others are afraid to take.

I don’t believe in a right or wrong business idea. Every idea is great, provided it is implemented and used for the greater good. A business venture not only benefits the entrepreneur but also has a more significant impact on those around, whether directly or indirectly benefiting from the investment. Find your motivation, today, trust in yourself and begin exploring that superb idea you have, to bring change to the entire world

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