July, 2016 Archive

Philip Diehl Reveals Importance of Buying Gold

Philip Diehl, the current President of the US Money Reserve, recently gave an interview in which he discussed the importance of American citizens purchasing gold in this economy. During the interview, Diehl listed many factors that played a role in peoples’ decisions to purchase gold, and described a few economic factors that drove gold sales. […]

Duda Melzer Is The Man Behind The Powerhouse Media Group RBS

Brazil is known for its creative advertising campaigns and unorthodox radio and television shows. Brazil plays by its own set of rules, and many of those rules don’t conform to the rules in other countries. The Sirotsky family in the South of Brazil is one families. For the last 59 years, the people that live […]

How Does Securus Help Our Family?

We have been using Securus to make sure that we can communicate with my cousin in jail, and it has been a real change in lifestyle for us. It is a long way to the jail, and we wanted to make sure that the calls we made were going to help us see his when […]