May, 2016 Archive

Venezuela’s Pipeline Replacement: A Monumental Task

Aside from being deemed the lightning capital of the world, Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo got a makeover, in a report by Visual CV, on May 19, 2016. In need of a pipe replacement, aquatic reels were sent into the depths in order to replace these necessary oil pipes. The diameter of these flexible pipelines are quite […]

SKOUT Can Make Anyone A Superhero That Grants Wishes

  Anybody can become a Make-A-Wish® superhero in real life simply by using the SKOUT social connections smart app. The SKOUT company did an internal SKOUT members survey and found out, of those surveyed, a full 80% wished there was some way they could become a superhero. In the survey, they defined a “superhero” as […]

Athletic Leisure Wear Is Gaining Fashion Ground And Status

When the term athletic wear comes to mind it usually conjures the image of over sized sweats, baggy t-shirts and rolled down socks. The new trends on in the athletic fashion world are changing this way of thinking of athletic wear. Now when one thinks about athleisure wear we can think of bright colors, […]