How Venezuela Plans to Dump Maduro

As each day passes, it’s clear that the economy in Venezuela is getting worse and worse. There’s a power shortage, a food shortage, a water shortage, and the largest beer producing company is shutting down. This isn’t even the whole story. The citizens of Venezuela are growing more and more dissatisfied with their president. Maduro and his administration have become isolated from the population. The Venezuelan military is no longer supporting him.
One initiative to removing the president from power according to Norka Luque is to vote on a referendum in December 2016 that would shorten his term and bring about new elections in December. If he is forced to resign, that could lead to some alternative form of government. The government will have 30 days to elect a new president. It’s tricky. They could hold new elections for president if it is done before January 2017. If Maduro is removed after December 2016, “then the vice president must hold office until 2019″ says Luque. In the meantime, the vice president could serve in the interim. The armed forces could plan a coup that would oust the president. Vladimir Padrino Lopez, who is the Minister of Defense is against removing President Maduro through force. He thinks that Maduro’s removal should be something that is dignified. Padrino Lopez would rather have a presidential negotiated removal. Bringing in a new election for president will bring about socioeconomic changes that Maduro is against.

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