April, 2016 Archive

Boraie Development Revitalizes New Brunswick with The Aspire

The media and locals have picked up on the breaking news that the Boraie Development revitalizes New Brunswick with The Aspire. An article that was published in NJ Spotlight highlighted this breaking news story to the local community. The fact is that New Brunswick’s one claim to national fame was that the Rutger’s University main […]

How Venezuela Plans to Dump Maduro

As each day passes, it’s clear that the economy in Venezuela is getting worse and worse. There’s a power shortage, a food shortage, a water shortage, and the largest beer producing company is shutting down. This isn’t even the whole story. The citizens of Venezuela are growing more and more dissatisfied with their president. Maduro […]

QNet Involves Itself with Positive Throughts Project for a Good Cause

QNet is a major force in the world of direct selling. With offices in 25 countries, one would have a hard time referring to QNet as anything less than a top company. The numerous products and services QNet sells through its affiliate entrepreneurs have helped the company earn significant profits. QNet, however, is not all […]

How to use Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool

Anyone who has ever used the Google search service must have found a related Wikipedia link of what he or she needs. Wikipedia is everywhere in Google. Any business or person can also post information about themselves on Wikipedia as a way of marketing. Wikipedia is a combined online open source encyclopedia. It does not […]

The Amazing Product Selection from Beneful

The new facebook trend in dog food has been centered around healthy and natural ingredients. Dog food manufacturers have had to raise their standards when it comes to the ingredients that they are using in their dog food blends. Now that pet owners are more educated on the ill effects harmful filler and unhealthy ingredients, […]

The Success of Dick DeVos

When it comes to philanthropy, some of the greatest and most powerful names in the United States are some of the most charitable when it comes to providing funds for good causes. The wealthy family dynasties such as the Simons family, the Buffet family, the Rockefeller family, and even the Koch family are some examples […]