February, 2016 Archive

The New Dog Food Era

  It may be very surprising for most dog owners to discover this, but they will quickly find that their dogs will have more choices for meals then most pet owners have themselves. This is the sign of the growing change in the dog food industry. There are a lot of companies that are producing […]

Refresh Your Trusty Top Knot With 3 Easy Tips

  The fashion’s set go to hairstyle is the trusty top knot. But as our home is an update, so does our hair. Marie Claire gives three tips below: 1. Clip It If Kendall Jenner can use clip-in bangs, it makes us less unsure they will look like a bad forehead toupee. Make sure you […]

Securus Technologies Has Taken Big Steps To Improve Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies is the world’s leading provider of technological solutions that are aimed at correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies provides this state of the art security maintenance products that help in monitoring and investigation of inmates to promote public safety and prevent criminal acts from happening. Some of the products Securus Technologies […]

A Man Loved His Wife So Much That He Gave Her a Kidney

A man made headlines in the news recently because he literally loved his wife so much that he gave her a kidney. When P.J. Spraggins was told that he was a perfect match for his wife Tracy who needed a kidney donation due to lupus, he didn’t think twice about it. Because it can take […]

Facing Natural and Political Challenges with Andy Wirth

Squaw-Alpine and Lake Tahoe’s North Shore Communities The Reno-Gazette Journal had originally reported that Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities have been facing many challenges due to the epic drought and the political issues. Mr. Andy Wirth seems to hold the belief that relief from these challenges are waiting to emerge. The healing is ready to […]