The Remarkable Career of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has been a banker and investor for a span of time. His previous experiences have been quite instrumental in comprehending about the dynamics of the Brazilian stock market. Born and raised in Brazil, he traveled aboard for his university education before coming back to his native land to work and improve the economy. He worked for a number of banks and helped them embrace technology. Technology has served to enhance consumer services besides securing bank assets including consumer deposits. Within the banking sector, Igor Cornelsen on whitepages worked in administrative and leadership positions before quitting his banking career to focus on investments. Cornelsen works as the company proprietor for Bainbridge Investments Inc.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment consultant and has a wide knowledge in investments. He is the go-to-person for anyone who wants an opinion in investment matters. He gives detailed information regarding matters of investment with both the pros and cons highlighted at length. Igor’s success has been attributed to the comprehension of the banking sector and the investment environment around Brazil. He does investment consultations for corporations, governments and individuals. It is imperative to mention that Igor have wide knowledge and experience in diverse investment issues.

From time to time, Igor Cornelsen asks investors to consider damaged and declining stocks. These stocks are cheaper and when the market stabilizes, they pick up and generate a profit. Through analysis of the stock market, investors are able to make rational decisions based on their investing preferences. He advises investors to avoid investing in companies that have negative issues because when such a company collapses, the investment is deemed lost thus causing losses to most investors. According to Cornelsen, dedication and patience is important for a long time investment because such investments yields more returns to the investors.

The personal investment that Igor makes is a statement of how diverse he is at picking his investment portfolios. Igor claims that the Brazilian market is the best place for businesses and individuals to invest in. Brazil has a high GDP, ready markets, abundant natural resources and excellent infrastructure that make it an ideal investment hub. Brazil has nine major players in the market. They include Santander, Banco J Safra, Banco Bradesco, Banrisul, Citibank Brazil, Caixa Economica Federal, HDBC, BTG Pactual and Banco do Brazil. Cornelsen believes that investing in any of these firms will be beneficial to an investor.

Cornelsen is an outdoor person who loves the sun. When he is not working at Bainbridge or consulting over investments, he is usually playing golf. He is a regular at the South Florida golf courses where he spends a huge chunk of his free time. He spends much of his time in Brazil where he continues to study the pattern of the money market with the view to comprehending the trends thus make rational investment decisions.

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