December, 2015 Archive

New York City Vacancies are Rising Higher

News has broke about the housing market. The housing bubble has recently burst again which resulted in the rise in vacancies particularly in apartment complexes. The rate of vacancies have been highest since 2006. However, New York is not the first market to burst. It is merely the latest in a series of market bursts. […]

Automaker Stocks Are Still A Good Investment Assures Marcio Alaor

  The way Marcio Alaor tells it, Henry Ford did not allow his successful motor car company go public during his lifetime. And he illustrates how General Motors was able to leapfrog far beyond Ford to become a $53 billion dollar company, starting with GM’s original Initial Public Offering (IPO) exactly a hundred years ago, […]

Yeonmi Park Reveals Details Of Her North Korean Escape

The path to freedom for North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has been fraught with danger and issues at every turn, but her arrival in the free world of South Korea did not prove to be the end of her problems with the North Korean regime. The Website Youtube has recently been detailing much of the […]

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG: Using Sports Sponsorship to Boost Business

  More than half of the clubs that are competing in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A have something in common. It is the same sponsorship partner and there are millions of fans, tradition and titles involved. Through corporate logos placed on athletes shirts or as a funding source in the hiring of players, today the […]