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Omar Boraie More Than Prominent Developer: Philanthropist in Genomics

  Many people talk about giving back to their community, but Omar Boraie and his family have gone the extra distance to truly immerse themselves into the fabric of New Brunswick, New Jersey and its famous Rutgers University. Mr. Boraie, in his 70s, has the energy of those a lot younger. Not only has he […]

How to Create a Good Article for a Wiki Profile

In our daily lives, we have encountered situations where there is need to use Wikipedia so as we get much needed information about something and end up getting satisfactory information. Wikipedia helps us get a much needed profile and for this reason, one may need to open a Wikipedia account about his business or even […]

CCMP Capital’s Finest; Stephen Murray

As a spinout from JPMorgan Chase, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a Private Equity company which was started in 2006 to go on with the promising investment plans laid by the firm’s members, LLC,and its past leaders which are Manufacturers Hanover, Chemical Venture Patners and Chase Capital Partners. The firm has its headquarters in 245 […]

Handy Lends You a Hand for Home Cleaning Services

Maintaining your house can get out hand quickly. A busy schedule coupled with work and family can easily prevent you from properly cleaning at regular intervals. Home cleaning services can help with the cleaning part so you can focus on other aspects of your busy life. Even though some people think that cleaning a house […]

Kenneth Griffin-A Successful Investment Banking Specialist

What is the work of investment banking analysts? This is one of the investment banking questions that many readers of my blog have been asking. Investment banking analysts are individuals who are specialized in matters of investment banking such as raising capital and security underwriting, sales and trading, mergers and acquisitions, equity research, retail banking […]

Frans Schoeman Director at Phatsima Diamond

The world of law is complex and demands the mastery of many kinds of skills. People who want to enter this field generally need to be able to demonstrate their ability to reason effectively, speak in front of others and master the basic ideals of legal reasoning. A lawyer in practice will often need to […]

Status Labs Relocates in Austin

Status Labs has recently announced that it is going to relocated. On June 1, 2015, they began working from their new office. They have gained some new features with their new office. Among the features that the new facility carries is expanded space for their office and newer conference rooms. They are also located close […]

Frans Schoeman More Than An Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual property law is the type of law that secures the rights of artists, designers and even who make innovations. This law protects everything regarding real estate property and personal property and protects against anyone who attempts to make money off your creation. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are all covered under intellectual property. However, all […]