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Prominent Big Apple Surgeon Takes It to the Lone Star State

A regular consultant on FOX News, Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon with fellowship training in cosmetic surgery. A member of the highly regarded American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Walden built a prestigious practice on New York’s exclusive Park Avenue before moving […]

Take a Look through Yeonmi Park’s Troublesome past

When teenagers grab their smart phones, head to a corner somewhere in their self-owned rooms shouting how free the world is, then start feeding a variety of music genres into their heads for hours on end while at the surfing on the net (probably to people oversees); may prove that this world as totally a […]

Dating In Russia Can Be The Most Fun In The World

When two people go out on a date several things will happen. One person may have the same or a different opinion about how the date went, and they may share that opinion with others. If both people have the same opinion that the date went great, it’s likely that they will have another date […]

The Best Social Networking Apps for People On the Go

Social networking is more than just a past time today. Many people use this as a means of staying in contact with family, meeting new people in Skout on instagram, finding romantic interests and even for work. Needless to say, this has created a need to access social networks even when on the go, but […]

Some Simple Guidelines for Being Part of the Wikipedia Team

Every writer wants to be noticed. Every editor wants to be noticed. Wikipedia is a great place to begin. The staff can help guide you in the right path. What are some of the helpful hints you will get from the staff of Wikipedia writers or editors? WOMEN NEED TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE […]

Make A Bold Statement With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Few things are as much fun as experimenting with make-up. People have been doing it for thousands of years. For the past hundred years or so, people have become a lot more conservative. Sedate colors have become the rule. Most people are satisfied to simply cover their flaws and even out their skin tone. But […]

Purely Purina Pride

Purina is one of the leading company’s around that not only focus on pets, but the owner as well. I’ve seen a commercial on television lately, where a man adopts a puppy, gives it Purina Puppy Chow and starts bonding with it immediately. I think back to when our rescue dog came into our family […]

Investment Banking With James Dondero

Investment banks are financial institutions that help individuals, corporations and even the governments raise monetary capital by acting as their clients in the issuance of securities. These banks can also come to the aid of companies in mergers and takeovers; in this case they provide services such as market making, the trade of derivatives and […]

Kauss Helps World’s Water S’Well

S’well’s founder Sarah Kauss was first contacted by Starbucks in the summer of 2012. The invitation to visit the company’s headquarters in Seattle came as a surprise to Kauss who started the business with her savings. The meeting created a huge business opportunity for Kauss and sky-rocketed the company in only a couple of years. […]

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe While Traveling

Most dog owners view their dogs as part of their family and we take them with us when we travel near or far. To ensure the well-being of our dog while traveling on a road trip or in the air, safety and food from Beneful are priorities that must addressed. Follow these healthy travel tips […]