August, 2015 Archive

Investment Firm, CCMP Capital, Mourns Co-Founder Stephen Murray

Earlier this year, in March 2015, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia said goodbye to their former leader, Stephen Murray. Mr. Murray had been with the company as it morphed from MH Equity Corporation in 1989 to the current CCMP Capital, which was founded in 2006. Stephen Murray was a founder partner of CCMP Capital […]

Lime Crime Is A Brand Girls Can Appreciate

Not many women are able to take the dreams that they have and form them into a business, especially when they don’t have much money to do that, but one woman has succeeded where others have found themselves longing to. Doe Deere has taken the ideas that she had for a bold makeup line and […]

Cosmetics for Expressing the Real You

Cosmetics used to be utilized to simply enhance a look or hide blemishes, however, in 2015 makeup is not what it used to be. More often, these days, people are using makeup to create their own unique presence. Men and women alike are wearing makeup and sporting faces that they create, using their cosmetics to […]

Some Cosmetic Brands in the Market

Both men and women use their favorite cosmetics according to their taste and preference. The best cosmetic brands enjoy an ultimate loyalty from the customers. Even so, there are many other brand that are coming up hence giving the existing ones competitions thou some of them are manufactured by the same companies. When it comes […]

Luxury Men’s Shoes: Why They’re Worth Investing In

Luxury men’s shoes have a higher price tag than most other shoes on the market but that’s for many good reasons. Not only are they made with higher quality materials than cheaper shoes, but they are also designed with great emphasis on detail. Both of these things are incredibly important for men who are looking […]

Info About Makeup And Doe Deere

There are a lot of types of makeup out there from Doe Deere and know what some of the basic ones are can be helpful. Below are various types of makeup, as well as a little information about each one. Concealer Concealer is one of the most basic types of makeup that most women have. […]

How to Do Your Makeup for a Date

Are you planning to go on a hot date some time soon? If so, you may already be thinking about what you are going to wear and how you were going to do your makeup and hair. If you already know that you really like this person you are going on a date with, you […]

Finding My New York City Apartment Was Easier Than I Thought

I have a trust fund that becomes available to me as soon as I turn 21 years old, and I’m pretty excited about it. I plan on being responsible with the money that I’m getting, but I also want to get my own place as soon as I get my money. I’ve been living with […]

Why Women Wear Makeup

The average women wants to look good. Looking good helps women feel good, especially in a culture that places high value on looks. Make up can help women bring out their best features. Make up can also help bring an artistic touch to their style. With make up, a woman could experiment with many different […]

Adam Sender creates one of the top contemporary art collections in the world

Mentioning the name Adam Sender on Wall Street will bring a response detailing the business career of the hedge fund specialist and former head of Exis Capital. Contemporaries and those who are embarking on a career in finance may also discuss the control Sender exerted over his trading floor as he watched more than 20 […]