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What We Can Learn From Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark is no ordinary businessman, he is one that believes in compassion and makes humanitarianism the epicenter of his work, and he has thrived through it. Bismark is the director and co-founder of QI Limited, a company comprised of several subsidies, some of which sell health and nutrition products to their customers, and others […]

Beauty Expert Doe Deere

A person’s personal style often allows them to express themselves fully. People who know how to use makeup, clothing and accessories effectively are often able to present a view of themsevles to the world that is one that they like. Many people will spend years working on the kind of style that suits their inner […]

Use Mobile Wireless Services To Connect To A FreedomPop Hotspot

Have you ever gotten onto your cell phone to use the Internet, and you couldn’t connect to the Internet at all? Maybe you tried to use your GPS and there was no service, or you’re getting that annoying voice that says “GPS signal lost!” The reason why you may have no Internet on your cell […]

Top 5 Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime is a brand that has a niche customer base when it comes to its makeup products. This brand offers boundary defying shades and colors to its people, particularly as a personal statement more than anything else. The brand teaches people to be unapologetic about their fashion choices. Like black lipstick? Wear it without […]

Adam Sender- Hedge Fund Manger and Art Collector

Miami, Florida, home to crystal white beaches and gorgeous sunsets is also the home of one of the larger prime collections of art in private hands, The Sender Collection. Adam Sender spent decades building a superb art collection that speaks as much to the man, as it does to the art world. Adam Sender, left […]

Doe Deere – Founder Of Lime Crime Makeup

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime line of beauty products. Lime Crime makeup is known for offering many different products to choose from, among many different colors. Lime Crime makeup is marketed as “makeup for unicorns” because of it’s very whimsical appearance. For those whom spend a lot of time at blacklight […]

Love Is In The Air On AnastasiaDate

Everyone has a different story when it comes to telling someone how they found love. One person may have found love by meeting someone while they were out, and another person may have found love at a social event. Many people these days are finding love online, and it’s unbelievable how many people have marriages […]

Successful Relationships Can Happen

Relationships are challenging To say the least and there aren’t too many people who get the inside scoop on how to. Too many times people have to go through many relationships before they get it right or near right, and a big percentage of the reason is because relationship lessons are not being taught early […]

Passion Killer

A recent study that was aimed to research interactions between men and woman found out that the feeling of disgust can be a bigger passion killer than fear.  The study initially compared how different types of negative stimuli can affect a woman when she is sexually aroused. Along with self reporting data this was the […]