Should You Keep Your Maiden Name?

Recent studies explained in a The New York Times piece on Saturday, June 27, have revealed that more women are opting to retain their maiden names when they marry.

The reasons they’re selecting this option over the tradition of taking their husband’s names vary widely based on different factors: Many women use their maiden names for their careers. Some do not see a reason to change their names if they’ve already been living with another person in a domestic situation outside of marriage. For many, the choice is still about gender equality — women choosing to keep their maiden names to protest against old social ideas about women being considered “weaker” or “less important” than men.

So, how does someone choose what to do?

Experts agree that the decision needs to take into account the feelings of both parties. If a woman wants to keep her maiden name and her partner disagrees and tries to force the change, then she needs to reconsider the entire relationship before losing her individuality. If a woman is part of a religious group that requires it, then she needs to decide if she wants to remain with that religion.

Otherwise, the team at Boraie Development feel that it is really her choice. Although people in some rural and ethnic areas may frown upon women who use their maiden names, ultimately a woman should choose the last name that gives her the most happiness.

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