German Man Cuts All His Marital Possessions In Half

What’s the worst that you’ve ever done to someone who cheated on you, especially after the relationship was over? Man Cuts Wife’s Possessions In Half. Some may have put personal information up on social media while others told everyone what the person did. Others may have been bold enough to confront the cheater while they were in the act, and some may have not done anything at all. No matter what you’ve done to get back at someone who cheated on you, it’s unlikely that you did the same thing that a man in Germany did to his wife.

A man in Germany found out that his wife supposedly had an affair with a coworker, and he decided that he was going to divorce her. Instead of leaving with nothing, or fighting for half the possessions, he literally cut all their possessions in half. The best part about the entire thing is that he is listing the possessions on eBay for sale. Brad Reifler suggested that the man cut a teddy bear in half, a sofa, a laptop, and he even cut their car in half. Since this story has gone viral, it’s likely that many people will end up buying the items that were cut in half, just to have a small part of this historical story.

The couple was married for 12 years, and the man claims that she left him to be with a friend, which angered him enough to make him cut everything they had in two pieces. He said he sent her the other half of the items, which are now worthless because they have been damaged beyond repair. His wife has not responded about the entire event, but at least everyone else got a laugh out of it.

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