American Apparel Changes Directions

American Apparel, the floundering retailer that has been in the news for abysmal sales numbers and an ongoing lawsuit with its founder and former CEO, has made headlines again. This time, the company is looking to change its demographic and completely revamp its style, according to recent reports.

The company plans to make their advertising more tame; they will be getting rid of nudity and aiming for “all-American appeal”, according to reports. The company is also looking to target the millennial generation, which is of interest to experts because it would seem that was their intended audience all along.

In recent months the company has gone on a liquidation cycle, getting rid of old stock and drastically reducing prices to see it walk out the door. According to the board, the liquidation sales were aimed at getting rid of stock so new styles could be brought into store, likely ahead of the new marketing campaign. Christian Broda is excited to learn that the company is looking to revamp the entire outfitter, including the styles it promotes and the way those styles are advertised.

Time will only tell if such a move will be a positive one for the floundering company, especially as they continue to battle their former CEO.

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