June, 2015 Archive

Hey, You Look Like My Girlfriend!

So, sometimes things trend online and they’re actually pretty bizarre. People don’t understand how they ended up online in the first place or why. Someone either captured a moment, or created one and the rest is history. The internet thought it was funny so they shared it, or turned it into a meme, or other […]

Should You Keep Your Maiden Name?

Recent studies explained in a The New York Times piece on Saturday, June 27, have revealed that more women are opting to retain their maiden names when they marry. The reasons they’re selecting this option over the tradition of taking their husband’s names vary widely based on different factors: Many women use their maiden names […]

Here Are The Biggest Breakups Of 2015

They say breaking up is hard to do, and there have been some sad breakups in 2015 already. Breakups are not necessarily relationships that involve two people, it could also be the breakup of a group too. This year, we saw the breakup of Ariana Grande and Big Sean. Breakups In 2015. Even though late […]

German Man Cuts All His Marital Possessions In Half

What’s the worst that you’ve ever done to someone who cheated on you, especially after the relationship was over? Man Cuts Wife’s Possessions In Half. Some may have put personal information up on social media while others told everyone what the person did. Others may have been bold enough to confront the cheater while they […]

Should Your Child Know About Your Sex Life?

At some point around the puberty age, all parents have to sit down with their child and discuss sexual matters with them. At this age it starts out with the basics of puberty and the male and female bodies. It then progresses to more complex matters regarding what sex is, what it is about and […]

Fans Are Going Crazy Over Kanye West’s New Shoes

Rich people can invest in businesses, and if they are famous, they’ll usually make a big profit. Kanye West’s New Shoes. There are some people who couldn’t make a buck before they became famous, and after their name became famous, they can sell anything. It seems as if Kanye West is one of those lucky […]

Kanye West Won’t Name His Son A Direction

E! recently caught up with Kanye West, and he did not spare comments during his interview. Kanye West revealed that he is very angry with the media and everyone else who judges him. For those of you that don’t know, Kanye West apparently feels disrespected, and it’s because people continuously make fun of his daughter’s […]

Lori Loughlin and John Stamos How He’s Affecting Her Marriage

Lori Loughlin is certainly a beautiful woman. She has been known for her iconic role at Becky in “Full House.” With the anticipation of the new release of “Fuller House”, she has rekindled the passion that Becky and Uncle Jesse had. However, Gianfrancesco Genoso has heard the marriage and family she had on screen is […]

Dorell Wright Reveals Secrets About Kanye West’s Party

Dorell Wright is a world famous basketball player, and he just won the NBA championships with his fellow teammates of the Portland Trail Blazers. Aside from being one of the best players in the world, Dorell Wright and date Crystal Hunt were also among the few that were able to attend Kanye West’s birthday party. […]

American Apparel Changes Directions

American Apparel, the floundering retailer that has been in the news for abysmal sales numbers and an ongoing lawsuit with its founder and former CEO, has made headlines again. This time, the company is looking to change its demographic and completely revamp its style, according to recent reports. The company plans to make their advertising […]