Baby Boomers Had More Sex Partners than Millennials

Researchers from two universities, Florida Atlantic University and San Diego University, Hunter College, spent their time conducting a study to discover how many sex partners people had in their past. In addition to number of partners, they also discovered the era in which you were born often dictates how many partners you had.
Most would guess that the Millennials, those born between the years of 1982 and 1999, had the most sex partners. Easy access to birth control and and more liberal view of pre-martial sex would seem to give them the higher number. Not so much. While the Millennials had some things regarding sex much easier than the Baby Boomers which came before them, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases also rose during their sexual coming of age time.
Baby Boomers average a total of 11 sex partners, Millennials averaged 8.
It was during the latter part of the 1990s when the AIDS epidemic first came to light. Herpes, genital warts and various other sexually transmitted diseases also become rampant and were fodder for the six o’clock news headlines. The threat of contacting a disease that would send you to an early grave or reduce your quality of life was enough to keep Millennials in more monogamous unions than their predecessors. Dr. Daniel Amen says the main issues Baby Boomers had to fear was unwanted pregnancy or syphyllis.

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