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The Dorchester Collection looks for the right way of expanding

The Dorchester Collection may not be as well known as many of its luxury hotel chain rivals to the general public, but that is exactly how the chain is hoping to retain its sense of individuality and opulent nature. The chain is one of the newest entrants into the luxury hotel brand industry after owner, […]

A Modern Fairytale

Melissa Dohme, age 20, of Clearwater, Florida, lay unconscious and dying when the paramedics arrived. Her attacker stopped only because some passersby saw him and called 911. Cameron Hill, one of the paramedics, said it was one of the worst scenes he had ever witnessed, but somehow, he believed the girl would live – and […]

Why See a Marriage Therapist?

The problem with many married couples nowadays is that about half of all marriages will end in divorce at some point. In fact, Facebook reports that most marriages will end in divorce within the first five years, making it difficult to establish a long-term relationship with that person. While it is pretty true that some […]

Feeling the Love in Ireland

It seems as though Ireland wants to let the people who live in the country vote on who is allowed to get married. Users of FreedomPop Review appreciate the democratic approach. Couples of the same sex are now able to get married in the country. This is a step forward in equal rights. There are […]

Baby Boomers Had More Sex Partners than Millennials

Researchers from two universities, Florida Atlantic University and San Diego University, Hunter College, spent their time conducting a study to discover how many sex partners people had in their past. In addition to number of partners, they also discovered the era in which you were born often dictates how many partners you had. Most would […]

AnastasiaDate International Guide

Many singles are looking for love in all the wrong places. For example, at bars, nightclubs, and other crowded social events. Many look for alternative sources to find a love connection. The fact is that millions of men are turning to the Internet to find a new love. The Internet makes it easy for a […]

Finding Real Estate in New York City

The New York area is booming with real estate opportunities. It doesn’t matter if someone is planning to invest or purchase a home. There are a plethora of different opportunities for people to engage in. There are homes and apartments throughout the city. New developments are being designed all the time, and historic properties are […]