March, 2015 Archive

Why I Choose To Use Skout, Over Any Other Network

I’m a big fan of social media, and I was on practically every website that was out there. Even though I a fan of social media, it began to wear me down when rumors started spreading about me, and the rumors were absolutely not true. It turns out that someone had hacked into one of […]

Sex Lives of Rich and Poor Women Very Much Alike

Being rich or being poor has no impact on a woman’s sex life. The economic status of the woman does effect pregnancy rates between the two income brackets, however. New research conducted by Brookings Institution show that a poor women is five times more likely to have a unplanned pregnancy and birth than a woman […]

A Romantic – Daily – Proposal

When it comes to asking someone for their hand in marriage, there are a lot of options out there. There are couples who become engaged while on a hot air balloon ride, and there are couples who become engaged while simply spending time in their home together. There are a lot of options available when […]

Rosie O’ Donnell Filed For Divorce

Rosie O’ Donnell has been popping in and out of the spotlight for the last decade or so. She’s made movies, she’s been a lead actress, and she’s been the host of a popular television show. Most of the times, when she’s in the spotlight – she is IN the spotlight. She’s not known for […]

A New York Couple Celebrates Their 82nd Anniversary At Ages 108 and 105

Duranord Veillard, age 108, and Jeanne Veillard, age 105 this year got married in 1932 and have been together ever since. The husband Duranord was born in 1907 and grew up in Haiti. According to an article found on reddit and written by USA Today, Mr. Veillard can remember almost everything in his lifetime. The […]